The FabLab Ecodéchets, a space to transform your idea into a business

The FabLab EcoDéchets is a project of the Evangelical University in Africa funded by the Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (IFDD) as part of the project for the deployment of environmental technologies and innovations for sustainable development and poverty reduction. (PDTIE). The UEA EcoWaste FabLab is the first FabLab in Eastern DRC.


This concept of FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) was born at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the 1990s. Its objective is to improve the management and recovery of waste as a digital learning space advocating above all inclusiveness .

Beyond this objective, the FabLab EcoDéchets remains a place open to the public like all the other FabLabs all over the world where it provides all kinds of machine tools for the design and production of objects, prototypes. In addition, there is support in setting up start-ups. It is a framework that makes prototyping and experimentation accessible and allows the proactivity of young people and women to be expressed. the latter will be able to provide above all environmental solutions and to create their own employment.

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Recent Events


Sensibilisation des parties prenantes (élèves, enseignant et dirigeants des établissements) sur l’appel à proposition des projets au sein de Fablab ecoDéchets à l’UEA

A l’issue du lancement des activités de prototypage au sein de Fablab Ecodéchets UEA, une séance d’animation a été tenue...
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Conférence de presse

Lancement des activités de prototypage au sein du FabLab EcoDéchets, Samedi le 18 mars 2023 au Centre d’Excellence Dénis Mukwege (CEDM-UEA)

L’université Evangélique en Afrique (UEA-Bukavu), à travers le FabLab Ecodéchets, a lancé ce samedi 18 mars 2018 dans les enceintes...
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Appel à projets

Appel à proposition des 15 projets d’innovation pour le prototypage au sein du FabLab EcoDéchets de l’Université Evangélique en Afrique

Contexte et justification Dans le cadre de la mise en place du projet FabLab EcoDéchets de Bukavu, l’Université Evangélique en...
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The training and workshops offered at the Fablab are an opportunity to meet in small groups around the same subject, to learn in a fun and friendly way.


Fablabs are workshops made up of computer-controlled machine tools that can quickly manufacture or modify goods of various kinds on demand (books, decorative objects, tools, etc.)


ased on the principle that a community can be made more creative and productive if it has access to technology, a FabLab offers the free sharing of spaces, machines, skills and knowledge. ​

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